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The bio degrading

Years ago Bodie Dennis started the rumor that he was conceived during a particularly controversial episode of Maude. The claim is apocryphal at best, and at worst suggests a swill of psychosis thicker than Henry Rollins' neck. What is definitely true is that he was reluctantly born on the 20th of January, 1976 in Morristown, NJ after being severely overdue. He likes to tell people that the extra month in the womb accounts for his overdeveloped intellect, but sources close to the Dennis family consider this a euphemism for what his mother simply called, "an excruciatingly large head".

Bodie Dennis

In the years that followed, Dennis discovered a fascination with sound that would lead to bad decisions of every shape and size for decades to come. He spent hours (at least two!) developing his intolerable sense of humor, but soon realized the enormous joke books he'd been reading were much funnier when briskly slammed shut behind the backs of unsuspecting strangers.

He also demonstrated a crabby disposition toward his finger painting that was far beyond his years. His unwillingness to explain the choice of color over form during his "favorite foods" period showed a moodiness that was very advanced indeed.

To curb this tendency, young Bodie was sent to a daily public program specially designed to break the spirit of such "creative types". The plan backfired, and he soon began to rebel - wearing bad pants with zippers all over them and carving, "Art scares old people", into all the desks.

Around this time, girls really distracted him. Totally distracted... he... uhh....

Anyway, at the tender age of 19, Mr. Dennis found his way to Flagstaff, Arizona. There, the high elevation and thin air brought a much-needed slowdown to his brain activity. Many see this as the point where Dennis "the artist" really became one of the people, and he was often seen staggering down the street, drooling, mumbling and rubbing garbage into his hair like anyone else.

It was in this continuing haze that Dennis rediscovered his roots. He began spitting wildly, wailing through electrified horns and smearing the landscape with expression that nobody asked for while shouting, "You asked for it!".

Much to the surprise of his peers, people actually began to give Dennis money for this sort of thing. That really did it. The vindication that came from that was enough to make him truly insufferable.

Now only his dog can stand him. On any given day, Bodie Dennis can be found cussing beneath a 40 year old car, writing up a list of ways in which he's better than you, or making a romantic dinner for one.

Amazingly, he does not live in New York, LA, San Francisco, London, Paris or Rome.

Go figure.

More dirt

Bodie graduated from Northern Arizona University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Arts Management (a hybrid business & art degree with emphasis on the 501(c)3 non-proffit sector).

For over a decade, Dennis worked as a senior designer and creative director at various national ad agencies, and also performed design and production work on a freelance basis.

His primary studio is located in beautiful, historic downtown Flagstaff, AZ. Bodie has lived in many different parts of the United States, and he continuously serves clients all over North America.

Bodie is also a lifelong musician and even spent years producing and engineering sessions at professional recording studios. He has a voracious appetite for music, and since 1999 he's completed three major releases on a small, independent label called North Shore Entertainment.

What I do

My company and my career are built upon an obsession with genuine quality and substance. From that perspective, I help real people distill their passion, personality and inspiration down to memorable and effective communication. I aim to cleanly render complete ideas that have nuance, legitimacy, immediacy and beauty, and to create an intriguing movement and tension that triggers involvement from a viewer. All of this means that your audience won't merely read your message, they will unwittingly have an experience with your brand, and that's a world of difference.

My clients are great and small. Huge, established organizations, wily, ambitious startups, and everything in between. I pride myself on being quintessential to every scrappy, small operation while offering large entities a nimble, fearless maneuverability that can't be found in-house.

But regardless of scale, everyone who trusts me with their message always receives the same total conviction and uncommon work ethic. I simply don't have any other mode.

What it means to you

Ever heard of the 55/38/7 rule? It comes from a UCLA study on public speaking showing that 55% of what people absorb from a speaker is owed to visual cues, 38% is from tone of voice, and a mere 7% comes from the actual words being spoken. Like it or not, the effectiveness of any message depends on the way in which it's presented. It's not what gets said, it's how.

So what if your every effort could be enveloped in a subtext that led people to comprehensive and accurate conclusions? What if you could have this despite the limited time and attention people are willing to give?

My work is about showing rather than just telling. It can land you onto the same page with investors, clients and customers faster so you can focus on actually doing what you do – rather than explaining it all the time. It can connect you, resonate, galvanize, create loyal subcultures, and ultimately help you capitalize and grow.

Style and philosophy

Design is not only a profession, it's a calling. It's my therapy. It's my way of showing the world what can come from tirelessly working intelligently. I simply want everything that crosses my desk to be rendered in the way that I believe everything should. With excellence.

It's my job to clarify, not to cloud or confuse. My prime directive is to pull the truth into better focus. I believe this always gives my clients the most fundamentally sound chance of success.

And while the style of my work is somewhat flexible, it's also fairly distinctive. Even though it may not be right for every project, I can happily overwhelm anyone who likes what they see in my portfolio. Similarly, I always encourage people to embrace what makes them unique even if it's not for everyone. Usually an attempt to be everybody's cup of tea will only dilute everything distinguishing, and that won't be memorable to anyone at all.

If you're still scared

Don't be. Just request an estimate and describe your needs.

It's ok. Honest. I almost never bite.